About LLYC

LLYC is a global communications, digital marketing, and public affairs consulting firm that helps its clients make data-driven choices that ensure their company’s reputation, trust, and credibility. Whether working on a campaign that will truly connect with people, completing an M&A operation, or carrying out any other communications project or strategy, LLYC’s innovative and creative approach to storytelling, extensive experience, and exclusive insights help clients make their visions into reality.

In today’s current disruptive and uncertain context, LLYC helps its clients achieve their short-term business targets while setting a course guided by a long-term vision that defends their social licenses to operate and improves their reputations. We deliver solutions for corporate communications, marketing, public affairs, and deep digital business, leveraging our team of over 1,100 professionals and 65 engineers with our 18 interlinked specialties to respond to each client’s unique communication, marketing, and institutional influence challenges.

LLYC (BME:LLYC) is listed on the Spanish secondary stock market BME Growth. At present, it has 20 offices across Argentina, Brazil (Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro), Colombia, Chile, the Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Mexico, Panama, Peru, Portugal, Spain (Madrid and Barcelona) and the United States (Miami, New York and Washington, DC). We also offer services through affiliates throughout the rest of the Latin American markets.

Our track record and quality work have earned LLYC over 500 national and international awards and recognitions in competitions such as Cannes Lions, Premios Eficacia, Brand Film Festival, SABRE Awards, International Business Awards, IPRA Golden Awards, the Effie Awards, and more. In addition to this, the two leading sector publications place LLYC among the world’s top communications companies. PRWeek’s Global Agency Business Report 2022 ranks it 36th globally, and PRovoke’s 2022 Global PR Agency Ranking ranks it 42nd. LLYC was also chosen as the Best Communication Consulting Firm in Europe at the 2022 PRWeek Global Awards and was recognized as the Communication Consulting Firm of the Year in Latin America at the 2021 International Business Awards.


+Democracia is a civic political organization seeking to influence institutions, political parties, media, and public opinion by networking with national and international organizations from diverse generations and points of the ideological spectrum. By mobilizing citizens and proposing changes to our rules, behaviors, and culture, it will improve the quality of democracy and increase citizens’ political participation.

Among its main initiatives, +Democracia promotes improvements in the democratic functioning of political parties, particularly their systems for selecting public officials and defending affiliate rights; the electoral system, with the goal of creating greater proportionality and proximity between the electorate and their elected representatives; and Parliament and equivalent governmental bodies by providing greater information, encouraging citizen participation in legislative initiatives, and guaranteeing greater autonomy for elected officials with respect to their political parties. It is also working to increase the levels of transparency and accountability of public institutions by promoting democratic regeneration and anti-corruption measures. As part of these efforts, +Democracia has collaborated with Editorial Gedisa on a collection of books dealing in depth with topical issues such as corruption, citizen participation, social movements, the electoral system, and party financing, among others.

Each of +Democracia’s initiatives is based on its founding values of commitment, participation, transparency, dialogue, collaboration, and innovation.